InSrv Power Harvesting

InSrv helps colocations and hyperscalers maximize data center design PUE by leveraging proprietary approaches to energy harvesting.


Programs That Work

InSrv solution programs leverage decades of experience and go beyond project management. We speak and translate the languages of hyperscale tenants, contractors and providers to ensure all stakeholders are aligned, throughout the lifecycle. Our custom tailored programs support full-scale deployments. These programs include fully-integrated, repeatable and scalable deployment plans. Transparency and collaboration remain at the heart of operations.

Proprietary Methodologies

The platform leverages successful proprietary methodologies for design and repetitive deployment of large scale data center white space infrastructure. We incorporate our methodologies into a repeatable delivery platform for those who are managing availability zones or recurring, simultaneous installations. The platform is purposefully methodized with the assistance of the customer’s key stakeholders to synchronize all related goals and objectives.


Proof of Concept

Our Proof of Concept Engineering service is designed to provide unique solutions to customers who have a problem to solve or are looking to apply next generation technologies to their data center requirements. InSrv utilizes its internal team of design and innovation professionals and select engineering partners to develop and test necessary prototypes of a concept. Upon successful completion of the prototype phase, we can design production and deployment programs to efficiently and cost effectively deliver a customer’s new concept solution where and as needed.

The platform incorporates a client tailored program of integrated processes and contractor services.

Launch a Truly-Integrated Deployment Program

InSrv has a team of recognized leaders and innovators who are highly experienced in full-service management and delivery. This team formed the framework for the innovative rapid deployment platform.  


Master fitout costs prior to signing lease contracts

Obtain clear fitout exhibits for accurate lease agreements

Shorten/Remove rent payment cycles for non-functional data center space

Manage multiple, large-scale deployments simultaneously