Design/Engineering Services

InSrv offers preparation and coordination of design/engineering services for your white space fitout. Simply provide your, or your tenant requirements and InSrv will provide a full scope project package inclusive of items such as permit ready multi-layered drawing sets, reflected ceiling capturing all systems such as fire suppression, electrical and low voltage topology and containment. This full scope planning ensures that there are no systems interfering with each other as the project progresses, saving time and potential change order costs. This designed project package can be effectively used for requests for proposals (“RFP”) obtaining bids or preparing exhibits for a Colocation data center’s tenants.

A RFP package will include Information such as a permit ready drawing set, bill of materials, scope of work and schedule timelines to complete the work. Additionally, InSrv provides a review service, ensuring that contractor responses to your RFP package are complete. This helps to mitigate the risk for change orders negatively impacting your budget and delivery timelines.

For landlords or tenants with repetitive, rapidly changing fitout requirements, InSrv offers subscription-based design services to keep your non-recurring change (“NRC”) proposals updated and accurate in near real-time.