Joe Luce from InSrv Inc

Joe Luce

40 Year Veteran Commercial Design and Development Contractor

Career Highlights

Joe Luce brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to any startup company.

With a career spanning
more than 40 years in construction, development and project management, he is an all-around craftsman who learned during high school and college how to practice all the trades necessary to build

He is as adept at drywall and electrical work as he is sweating copper pipes. Although he started his career building high-end custom homes, he had the good fortune 30+ years ago to work shoulder-to shoulder with many very sophisticated owners and developers who knew how to be creative and think outside the box when faced with very complex challenges.

Mr. Luce likens his
experiences to earning a PhD from the best instructors in the space. He learned how to be a problem
solver and think strategically in order to identify and solve problems while maximizing asset value and ROI.

He has been involved in many high-profile projects that include the design and construction of a 22,000
square foot SCIF enclosing a 240KVA mission critical facility on the 13th floor of a former hotel. He also
managed the design, permitting and construction of a SCIF for a defense contractor and managed the
site design for a 200,000 square foot data center project for PSINet.

He has also negotiated construction contracts with institutional investors such as Northwestern Mutual and Nissan North America. Joe has
testified as a subject matter expert in approximately 30 cases before practically all the courts in the
Washington DC metropolitan area for the past 25 years.

Joe’s experience and expertise are not limited to the construction industry. He has developed earnings
targets for his division at a multi-billion publicly traded company, negotiated contracts for acquisitions,
finance, construction, development, and land, and has hosted roundtable discussions while filling the
role as a moderator at Georgetown University Law School’s Continuing Legal Education for the top 200
best and brightest lawyers in North America for the past 13 years.

Joe’s broad list of business and life experiences allows him to apply his knowledge to every project he
works on.

His creative problem-solving skills, extensive experience, and willingness to take on
challenging projects make him an invaluable asset to any startup company.